Courtney O'Donnell Town Manager, Treasurer, Tax Collector, General Assistance Administrator, Road Commissioner
Christina Hassapelis Town Clerk, Deputy Tax Collector & Deputy Treasurer
Angela Porter Registrar of Voters, Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Tax Collector & Deputy Treasurer
Mac Smith Recording Secretary

The Town Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town. The manager is assisted by the Town Clerks. The Clerks take in all monies from the state, property taxes, vehicle registrations, and hunting/fishing licenses. Warrants are prepared by the Town Clerks under the direction of the Town Manager.  All expenditures are approved by the Select Board.

Other Clerk responsibilities include maintaining voter lists, births, deaths, and marriages of persons who reside in Stockton Springs.

Please feel free to call the office @ (207) 567-3404.