The Ambulance Service provides 24 hour coverage for Stockton Springs and Prospect. We currently have 16 members on the service. If you are interested please reach out to our Director. 

2016 Statistics: Total calls: Stockton Springs had 128 transports; Prospect topped out at 37 transports. There were 35 no transports in Stockton and 17 in Prospect. Also included in this total is 8 mutual aid calls to neighboring towns. This brings the total for 2016 to 225 calls for the year. That's up 8 calls from 2015.

Every September is the Ambulance holds an annual 5K - 12K road race to benefit the department. Volunteers and Sponsors are always welcomed and appreciated. If you're interested please contact the Director. 

Ambulance Director: Charles (Chas) Hare

Contact: 207-567-4322 or