Trash is picked up every Friday by Pinkerton & Sons Disposal. Trash must be curbside by 7:00 AM. In the event a holiday falls on trash day, trash will be picked up the next day (Saturday).

Every trash bag, barrel, or other trash container must have a trash sticker on it. There is a 40-pound maximum for each bag, barrel, or container.

Trash stickers cost $1.50 each, and are available at the Town Office, Libby’s Variety, and Perry’s Store.


E-Waste is accepted at the Town Garage on the last Saturday of each month from 9 AM to noon and is free for residents. Examples of items for e-waste include florescent bulbs, computers, tvs, large batteries, etc.

Batteries, ink cartridges, and cell phones can be dropped off at the Town Office. 


There are two special pickups each year – one on the third Saturday in May, and the other on the third Saturday in October. Click Public Notices for more information. 


Zero- Sort Recycling is picked up the second and forth Thursday of every month by Pinkerton & Sons Disposal. It must be curbside by 7AM. Click here for the Recycling Committee's Newsletter. 

There is a cardboard dumpster available at the Town Garage and motor oil, transmission fluid, etc. is readily accepted when the gates are opened, typically Mon. - Fri. 6-2pm. 

Click here to see what can and can't be recycled. 


A bright orange sign up sheet can be found in the lobby for Recycled Building Materials. Those with excess building materials are encouraged to sign up so those in need of materials can contact them directly.

This is a program created by the Recycling Committee. (The Town is neither responsible nor liable for materials, pickup, drop off, etc).