Trash is picked up every Friday by Pinkerton & Sons Disposal. Trash must be curbside by 7:00 AM. In the event a holiday falls on trash day, trash will be picked up the next day (Saturday).

Every trash bag, barrel, or other trash container must have a trash sticker on it. There is a 40-pound maximum for each bag, barrel, or container.

Trash stickers cost $1.50 each, and are available at the Town Office, Libby’s Variety, and Perry’s Store.


E-Waste is accepted at the Town Garage on the last Saturday of each month from 9 AM to noon and is free for residents. Examples of items for e-waste include florescent bulbs, computers, tvs, large batteries, etc.

Batteries, ink cartridges, and cell phones can be dropped off at the Town Office. 


There are two special pickups each year – one on the third Saturday in May, and the other on the third Saturday in October. On October 21, 2017 there will be a metals and white goods pickup.


Zero- Sort Recycling is picked up the second and forth Thursday of every month by Pinkerton & Sons Disposal. It must be curbside by 7AM. Click here for the Recycling Committee's Newsletter. 

There is a cardboard dumpster available at the Town Garage and motor oil, transmission fluid, etc. is readily accepted when the gates are opened, typically Mon. - Fri. 6-2pm. 

Click here to see what can and can't be recycled.