Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsbile for infrastructure of our Town and does a great job. The crew maintains our roads, including plowing, patching, paving, etc, culverts, tree cutting, mowing of Town property and cemeteries, painting of crosswalks, placement of signs, and more. The Public Works garage is located at 194 Cape Jellison Road and is the location for Universal Waste Disposal the last Saturday of every month. 

Road Foreman: George Russell

Contact: 567-3408

Road Commissioner: Courtney O'Donnell

Contact: 567-3404 or 


Message from Foreman, George Russell: 

This past winter wasn't too bad. We had three big storms and some smaller ones. January was a very mild month.

We have had a lot of problems with people dumping trash on the roadsides. If you see anyone dumping please call the Waldo County Sheriff's Office at 338-2040 to report it. Get a plate number if possible!


1. Please do not plow snow across the road. It leaves a mess which freezes solid and damages our equipment.

2. If a streetlight is out on your road, please give me a call and I will have it taken care of.

3. Motor oil is used to heat the Town Garage. You can drop it off at the Garage, free of charge. Contact the Town garage for details.