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The Town of Stockton Springs is requesting bids for a cab & chassis. They are due back 2:00 PM, Monday, July 16 at the Town Office. Click here for bid documents. 

For taxpayer list, please see the Assessor's page, it is called the Tax Commitment. 

IMPORTANT VOTING INFORMATION: You can still vote on Local Wastewater Referendum, Local Candidate Ballot, School Referendum, and State Referendum EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED IN A POLITICAL PARTY! 

 The Annual Town Report is now available in print at the Town Office. Click here for electronic version. (Note: file is large) 

 Questions about Ranked Choice Voting? Click here for a video that explains how it works! 


RECYCLING MATERIALS CANNOT BE IN PLASTIC BAGS FOR PICKUP. ITEMS MUST BE LOOSE in a tote, barrel, or some other container that can be dumped. Moving forward if your recycling is in a plastic bag it will not be picked up. Please click here for more information. This flyer is also available at the Town Office.

Recreational Shellfish Applications/Licenses will be available at the Town Office at 217 Main St. beginning at 9:00 AM on June 4, 2018.  Applicants must apply in person and show a current driver's license or state ID.  The following Recreational  licenses will be available:

22 Resident licenses @ $10.00

4 Non-resident licenses @ $20.00

10 Senior Over 65 Resident licenses @ free

1 Senior Over 65 Non-resident licenses @ free

Unlimited 72-hour licenses @ $5.00

NOTE: There are NO Commercial Licenses available at this time 

Proposed Ordinance Changes for Annual Town Meeting 2018

Click here to view proposed changes to Coastal Waters & Harbor Ordinance

Click here to view proposed changes to Shellfish Conservation Ordinance

Click here to view proposed changes to Application, License, and Permit Fees Ordinance

Click here to view proposed changes to Land Use Ordinance

Click here to view proposed changes to Site Plan Review Ordinance

Click here to view proposed changes to Subdivision Ordinance

 Wastewater Treatment Facility Feasibility Study has been completed. 

UPDATE: 4/5/2018

After further discussion and citizen feedback, the Select Board has decided to include a question about this topic on the referendum for June elections. 

Ballot Question:

"Are you in favor of pursuing funding and other resources for the purpose of constructing a Wastewater Treatment Facility in the commercially zoned area along the Route 1 corridor of Stockton Springs?

Note: The Wastewater Collection & Treatment Facility Feasibility Study, approved at the June 17, 2017 Town Meeting, has been completed. Based on this study, the initial up front cost is expected to be approximately $4.43 million for current wastewater flow. The operating and maintenance cost is approximately $113,000 per year for the current wastewater flow." 

Click Here for the  Select Board Statement & Executive Summary

Click Here for the Full Study

 Town Meeting has been set for Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 9am at the Town Office. 

 Maine DOT will be performing construction on Rt. 1 beginning .09 of a mile southwest of Devereux Cove Road and extending northeasterly 4.83 (toward the bridge into Prospect).  This is expected to begin Summer 2018. 

SHELLFISH AREA CLOSED FOR CONSERVATION! Mill Cove near Cape Jellison Bridge. Click HERE for map

Our FREE online service for burn permits is back in service. Visit, select Maine, then Stockton Springs, and follow prompts. 

2017 (FY18) Annual Report is now available online and at the Town Office.

Click here to download. 

Click here for Financial Summary 

Click here for Budget Spreadsheets 

Click here for full list of 2016 taxpayers. This has been omitted from the report this year. Hard copies are available at the Town Office.


Town Report (July 1, 2016- 2017) 

2015 Town Report (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)