Stockton Harbor

The Harbormaster is responsible for enforcing the Town's Coastal Waters & Harbor Ordinance, which includes provisions regarding mooring placement, use of Town dock, and operation of vessels in Stockton Harbor. All moorings are permitted by the Town of Stockton Springs through the Harbormaster.


Wait-listContact Harbormaster; fee of $10 per season is required.

Pump Out Barge: Purchased and supported by a State Grant, the pump out barge is available to the public. No fee required, however, donations accepted. Please be sure to fill out your information on form provided on barge as this helps us accurately report the use for continued funding.


Harbor Fees (For full list, see Fees Ordinance below)

  • Resident Mooring Fees: $80
  • Non-resident Mooring Fees: $200
  • Dingy Fees: $25-50, depending
  • Seasonal Mooring: $700
  • Overnight Dockage: $1/ft. per night (Harbormaster approval required)
  • Late Fee: $50  

Fees:  Per Ordinance, all fees are due by April 30th every year with a $50 late fee if paid after that date. If fees are not paid by May 30th, the Town takes possession of the mooring, as it is considered abandoned. 


Helpful Links:

Fees Ordinance (p. 7 for Harbor Fees)

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